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Commander's Message
 Once again it gives me great pleasure to express my sincere thanks to each and every loyal member of AMVETS Post 911. Thanks for supporting " your Post " with your frequent visits. Thanks to the many of you that bring visitors in to enjoy our social functions and the friendly atmosphere we strive to offer every one that walks through our door. Remember;  " Once you have visited us, you will NEVER BE A STRANGER AGAIN ! " I would feel remiss if I didn't express my personal thanks to Chris J. and her volunteers for arranging the many fun filled activities for the enjoyment of our AMVET Families. Finally I've reached a group many of us seldom have a chance to see in action;
the Loyal volunteers who have been doing everything from taking the trash to the dumpster, hanging pictures, maintenance and repairs, keep the post clean, etc., and many duties that I haven't added here. I will give these volunteers a big blanket " THANK YOU " rather than to
chance leaving anyone's' name out.
Cmdr. Sons of AMVETS, Chuck J.,I salute you and your group for the many functions you have promoted and run, to assist in the growth and success of Post 911. and for always being available to do more ! Cmdr. Honor Guard, Rick B. Now here's another fine group within our Post that is too often not seen in action. We know you have a group of volunteers who have been marching in our local parades , visiting other Veterans Post functions; and also answering the " call to take part services " for a Departed Brother Veteran, whose name is added to the " Final Roll Call ". Each of these duties, representing every member of AMVETS POST 911.  I thank and salute you all !  Last, " BUT NOT LEAST ", my sincere Thank you to Jeri K. and our Ladies Aux. who have done so very much to promote our Post in so many ways that I cannot
list them. I thank you all and appreciate your hard work and dedication to Post 911 I also appreciate the job our Post Officers are doing and the cooperation I have been receiving from them. I've often heard " you can't run until you've learned to walk ". Well we're walking tall now, and I see a lot of running in the next few months, and I invite each of you to join in the " race " with your AMVETS Post 911 !

Sincerely, yours in AMVETS
                                       Jerry Walrod

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