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Remember 9-11-01

September 11, 2001 Poem
 We Thank God today for those who survived.
We send up silent prayers for those who died.
Is a day of Tragedy, a day of Fears, Such utter devastation not seen in years. I sit in shock, staring in disbelief, What I see before me, so much grief. I look at my child, I look in his eyes, He does not understand, I can only cry.

What has happened? What else will there be? Is this all We leave for our children to see? I sit and wonder, tears on my face, Dear God, what has happened to the human race?
Life changes today, as it has many times, But for better or worse, I cannot decide. Through tears and fears, I know in my heart,
No matter what changes, My Faith will not depart.

As I hold my child, and hug Him tight, I wonder inside what He will dream tonight.
I send up a silent prayer for Him and all, God, give the Children strength, don't let them fall.
I write this today, in sadness and tears, My Faith tested as it has not been in years.
But My Faith will hold tight, And I ask one thing of You tonight.

As You sit, safe in Your homes, Take just a moment and remember those gone.
Take time tonight for those You Love, And send a Thank You to Him Above.

Author Unknown. Pulled from alt. firefighter news group 9/14/01

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